Our Vision

Our vision is to have safe and viable bicycling across our diverse community.

Our Mission

The Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee (TPCBAC) serves in an advisory
capacity to local governments on issues relating to bicycle recreation, transportation, and safety.


Goal 1. BAC Membership:

Promote BAC membership consistent with the diversity of the region's population.
Identify new ways to support the region’s diverse bicycling culture.

Goal 2. Education/Encouragement:

Promote and engage in the education of cyclists, motorists, and the general public on safe bicycling routes and cycling laws. Continue to educate the general public on the health, community, and environmental benefits of cycling.

Partner with agencies, jurisdictions and bicycle organizations to promote the health, community, and environmental benefits of bicycling, addressing the diverse spectrum of current and future users in the region.

Goal 3. Enforcement:

Work to promote a constructive relationship between law enforcement and the cycling community. Advise on how to increase motorist and cyclist awareness and understanding of cycling laws, with an end goal of increasing cyclist safety, access, and enjoyment.

Promote the collection and analysis of data on bicycle-related crashes to inform law enforcement on bike safety goals.

Promote the training of law enforcement officers on bicycle law.

Goal 4. Engineering:

Work with local officials and the general public to expand bicycle access so as to most effectively serve current cyclists and attract new riders.

Identify and promote bicycle facility design techniques that improve bicyclist safety, access, and enjoyment.

Goal 5. Evaluation and Planning

Help facilitate the collection and analysis of data and participate in evaluation of and planning for the improvement in all aspects of our region's bicycle program.


When: Second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM.
Where: Himmel Park Library, 1035 N. Treat Avenue

For more information, please visit our Meetings page, or call 837-6691 or 243-BIKE.

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